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Civil Rights Law Work

& Discrimination Cases

Sara trained at with the U.S. Attorney's Office EDNY Human Rights Division evaluating cases of Employment Discrimination including Hostile Work Environment and Retaliation Cases, Gender and Sex Based Discrimination, and Racial Discrimination.  Additionally, she worked on the New York State Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) which passed in 2019 and will not affect LGBTQ Discrimination cases in New York State

Our firm is here to help you with Discrimination cases including Civil Rights Litigation, Negotiation and Enforcement of Severance Agreements, and Unequal Treatment Discrimination Cases.   Whether your case involves Pregnancy Discrimination, LGBTQ/Trans Discrimination, Gender based Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, or Employment Discrimination., we have discrimination law attorneys who can offer you a free consultation to discuss your case. 

Web Based Discrimination Litigation

Website based ADA Disability Litigation increased 180% from 2017 to 2018 and is poised to surpass that in the future. 

Due to abandoned regulation guidance attempts at the Federal Level, there is no absolute legal standard for when a website complies with the ADA.  

Most website based disability claims involve visually-impaired plaintiffs who cannot access site content with their screen-reading software.  However, increasingly, 'surf by' plaintiffs have argued in court that the ADA requires hotels to outline an infinite amount of accessibility information on not only their sites but third party sites on which they advertise.  As ADA Website claims are a recent phenomenon, few attorneys have the experience to access the merits of a website discrimination case.  Our firm has handled federal disability claims relating to websites of public accommodation and is ready to use our experience for you.  Contact us today to discuss your digital discrimination case.  

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